Our business has humble beginnings..

It was started in 1980's by our founder and beloved grand father the late Mr. Isaias Tanghal. He started with a small loan from a relative and put up a machine shop. We created moulds for several clients who have introduced and later inspired us to venture into Plastic manufacturing as well. Through our grand father's determination and perseverance, he was able to grow our business as it is right now. Our core strength is our technical know how and strong commitment to our customers and suppliers. We build relationships that last decades and we are always focused on mutual growth. We believe that if our clients grow, we grow with them. Thus we invest alot of time and resources to ensure that we are able to provide the best services to our clients.


Our products range include that of manufacturing of high quality containers and caps  from purest, virgin and Jalal certified food grade HDPE, PP, & PET materials. Our processes are mature and proven to be effective which is ever evolving and  we are heavily invested in improvements and modernization to address the many challenges of the plastic industry.


We have our in-house mould engineering machineries where we fabricate our own designed blow and injection moulds. However we also mix with highly complicated CNC fabricated moulds from abroad and local suppliers.

We thrive to be price competitive but more than that we aim to focus on quality products and services. This business is built on trust and we value customer satisfaction working towards marketability of our products.